The KATZ Group

You could argue that we only make one thing – a material based on wood pulp

But we do that one thing outstandingly well! We offer premium quality, maximum sustainability and all the added value that people expect from German-made products.

Wood pulp is a versatile material, and everything ultimately comes down to how you use it. It has been the material of choice for beer mats for the last 100 years.

Versatile and sustainable – our special wood pulp-based material

By making technical modifications to the production process, we can use the same basic ingredient to create KATZ FOOD SAFETY BOARD for the food industry, KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD for air fresheners, bookbinding materials, and pressure equalisation materials.

Our product development team has also come up with genuine alternatives to the raw materials used in the POS and impact sound markets in the form of our KATZ DISPLAY BOARD and GREEN LIGNIN products.