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Insulation underlay with the gecko effect

Thinking of installing laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl or designer flooring? Then you should also consider investing in some good floor insulation. A good insulation underlay is essential for effective soundproofing and is the best way of avoiding the annoyance of noise echoing around your rooms and downstairs neighbours complaining about the sound of footsteps.

Our Products

Designed for floating installation under laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl and designer flooring.

Designed for floating installation of modern vinyl and designer flooring up to 5 mm thick.

The professional solution with water-repellent properties designed for floating installation under parquet, laminate, vinyl and designer flooring.

The new joining system from KATZ creates a secure and durable connection between each piece of underlay material. The style of joint resembles a jigsaw puzzle – and that means installing GREEN LIGNIN basic and hydro-tec is now child’s play!

For our industrial clients

GREEN LIGNIN insulation underlays for direct lamination

GREEN LIGNIN underlays designed for direct lamination have a wide array of unique features and offer numerous advantages when it comes to finishing and laminating the back of the panel.


  • a range of material thicknesses
  • different versions/solutions for laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl and designer flooring
  • custom formats and cut-to-size sheets
  • custom printing
  • industrial reels in thicknesses from 0.9 – 1.6 mm

Private-label products

Would you like to launch a product under your own retail brand?
Then you’ve come to the right place! We can provide you with the advice and support you need to choose the right design, format and material thickness.
If you like, we can also design the packaging based on your specifications or support your agency in preparing the printing data.

If it was easy then anyone could do it...

GREEN LIGNIN has been painstakingly crafted as an alternative to over-complex and clumsily designed underlays. The carefully chosen 1.8 mm thickness of the material makes installation far, far simpler. And the fact that GREEN LIGNIN is almost exactly the same thickness as standard commercially available transition strips makes it easy to overcome differences in height between multiple areas of flooring.

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GREEN LIGNIN offers more than just a quieter life

outstanding insulation performance
good thermal conductivity
easy to handle
eco-friendly and recyclable
good anti-slip effect (GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip)
new connecting system (GREEN LIGNIN basic and hydro-tec)
highly durable
supports a healthy living environment
suitable for click systems
water resistant hydro-tec technology (GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip and hydro-tec)

GREEN LIGNIN technologies

Our gecko technology isn't about climbing walls – it's about achieving optimum room and impact sound reduction.


We are firmly committed to high-quality products and high-quality service – and we renew that commitment every single day!

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Environmental Awareness

GREEN LIGNIN products are quite simply a good, healthy choice!

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By combining tradition and innovation, we achieve the perfect balance in every aspect of our business.

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