The company 4FLOOR GmbH recently premiered its Acoustic Board product line from KATZ at BAU, the world’s leading fair for architecture, materials and systems, which took place in Munich from 14 to 19 January, 2017.
To boost recognition and create ties to GREEN LIGNIN products and the Domotex 2017 KATZ booth, 4Floor decided to use the same eye-catching graphics at their BAU booth, as well as the fountain that acted as a demonstration feature at Domotex. The test set-up allowed visitors to see for themselves the water-repellent properties of the natural product “GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec / Acoustic Board hydro”, and a range of other tests were also on hand to showcase the benefits of the entire product line.
Visitors to the BAU fair included Christoph Kansy, GREEN LIGNIN project manager at The KATZ Group, who was delighted with the product presentation at the 4Floor booth and provided enthusiastic support to Thomas Schultz and his team.
“4Floor knows the industry inside-out, so we’re very pleased to have them as a new distribution partner. We’re looking forward to this successful collaboration continuing into the future,” said Kansy.
Thomas Schultz is equally confident that the innovative impact and room sound insulation from KATZ is the perfect environmentally-friendly alternative to add to 4Floor’s product portfolio. “We’re constantly striving to tailor our range of products to cater to current and future market requirements. We believe that issues such as sustainability and more comfortable living environments will take on even greater importance in the future,” says Schultz.


The KATZ Group has come up with a viable alternative material for reducing room and impact sound – and it’s the perfect choice now that ecological and social responsibility have become the must-haves of the 21st century, with many companies striving to make their products and processes as sustainable as possible.
Acoustic Board products are made from natural materials. It’s easy to count the ingredients from which the core of the material is made – just wood + starch! The company’s commitment to running an eco-friendly, socially responsible business also extends to the anti-slip coating applied to one side of Acoustic Board antislip. It contains no mineral oils or any other petrochemical substances, no solvents, and no plasticisers.
All these factors combine to make 4Floor Acoustic Boards a product line that is good for the environment and that promotes a healthy living environment.
The KATZ Group’s main headquarters in the Black Forest covers 100% of the value chain, and its manufacturing processes are tailored to the principles of sustainability. All Acoustic Board products have been inspected by independent bodies and testing institutes and approved as a building material by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt).