GREEN LIGNIN basic and GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec – now available with a new joining system.

One of the key goals at KATZ is to tailor the company’s range of products to meet current and future market requirements. “We are constantly striving to develop new products and innovative ideas for our unique and eco-friendly material,” says Christoph Kansy, GREEN LIGNIN project manager at KATZ. This enthusiasm for innovation also applies to the company’s room and impact sound insulation underlays, and the company will soon be unveiling a new joining system for GREEN LIGNIN basic and GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec to coincide with the Domotex 2018 fair in Hannover.


The new joining system from KATZ creates a secure and durable connection between each piece of underlay material. The style of joint resembles a jigsaw puzzle – and that means installing GREEN LIGNIN basic and hydro-tec is now child’s play! The three-dimensional jigsaw-style contours make it easier than ever to avoid cavities and overlapping, and the new design ensures that each insulation board locks firmly into place. What’s more, this innovative joining technology makes it extremely simple to push the underlay boards together. You get the same high quality joints while saving time and money, because the new system eliminates the necessity of using adhesive tape to hold the boards together.
All the products from the GREEN LIGNIN range are easy to work with and offer great benefits that go well beyond other types of room and impact insulation underlay. These include high compressive strength, which means you can walk directly on the underlay without damaging it, and the ability to cut the material by simply scoring it with a cutter and snapping it in two.
We also offer the option of ordering a grid to be printed on the underlay to help with cutting, plus you can also simply add your own markings to the underlay with a pencil. That makes installation easier by helping you get the perfect fit in tricky areas such as where the underlay meets the doors and walls.


GREEN LIGNIN underlays help foster a healthy living environment with their superb sound-absorbing properties. As well as being good for the environment, they also play a key role in improving indoor acoustics.
This is a key issue for businesses, because employees can often end up suffering from stress when noise levels go beyond permissible limits. Numerous studies have shown that excessive noise can have negative long-term consequences in all sorts of ways.
The good news is that GREEN LIGNIN products from KATZ are specifically designed to make tangible, long-lasting improvements to people’s workplaces and homes.
A good-quality insulation underlay is essential for effective soundproofing. It’s the best way to stop noise echoing around your home or office and prevent downstairs neighbours complaining about noisy footsteps.

With their unique surfaces and special biopolymer core, GREEN LIGNIN products are a particularly good choice of room and impact sound insulation underlay.
Offering reductions of up to 18-20 dB in impact sound under vinyl flooring and 22 dB under laminate – plus a reduction in room sound of 29 or 42 percent respectively – they are the perfect product to get exactly the kind of indoor acoustics you want. GREEN LIGNIN’s outstanding properties are due to its combination of high volume and high density as well as its unique composition. Tests have shown that lightweight products are better suited to impact sound insulation, while heavier products work better for footfall sound insulation.
The beauty of GREEN LIGNIN products is that they get the perfect balance of weight and volume to achieve optimal sound insulation.

GREEN LIGNIN insulation underlays have been used by satisfied customers since 2014, providing an effective way of reducing impact and room sound in a wide variety of settings. They are quick and easy to work with and have drawn praise for their high compressive strength.
All KATZ products can be installed as a floating floor directly under laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl or designer flooring and can also be industrially laminated. In addition, all GREEN LIGNIN insulation underlays have been inspected by independent bodies and testing institutes and approved as a building material by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt).