Bringing out the best in building biology and functionality – an innovative underlay for vinyl and de-signer flooring with unique anti-slip technology.

GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip is specially designed to be compatible with modern floating vinyl and designer flooring up to 5 mm thick. With its unique anti-slip surface and outstanding biopolymer core, GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip offers superb acoustic properties which significantly reduce impact sound. Meanwhile its innovative anti-slip technology stops the boards of floating floors from slipping out of position.OK

The KATZ Group recently put this to the test in a real-life environment.
They joined forces with the Gaggenau-based company KH Raumausstattung GmbH to install 1.8 mm thick GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip in a residential property. The team led by Dieter Hecker from KH Raumausstattung GmbH was impressed with how easy it was to handle and install the product.
“GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip proved to be superbly compatible with 5 mm thick Laguna Wood, a brand of vinyl click flooring made by Wineo,” says Dieter Hecker, managing director of KH Raumausstattung GmbH.
Thanks to its slightly “sticky” surface, GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip clings to the top layer of flooring like a gecko. When forces are exerted on the surface (e.g. walking across it or applying pressure in some other way) the material works to prevent gaps from forming and to prevent any damage to the click system used in floating vinyl and designer flooring. Even with its anti-slip characteristics, GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip doesn’t hinder the floor’s floating effect – and it makes it much easier to reposition the top layer of flooring.

The fact that the product is just 1.8 mm thick was ranked as another major advantage. In addition, GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip is almost exactly the same thickness as the Küberit transition profile. That helped the installation team avoid any changes in height between different areas of flooring.
GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip also offers outstanding levels of compressive strength, so there was no problem walking on the sound insulation board after laying it in place. But GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip also offers a number of other benefits. For example, the material is quick and easy to work with and can be cut by simply scoring it with a cutter and snapping it in two – a simple cutting process which ultimately means less wastage.

“GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip is a great choice for anyone looking to create a more comfortable living environment with sustainable products. With a reduction in impact sound of up to 20 decibels for an underlay that is just 1.8 mm thick, other materials such as polyurethane and polyethylene just can’t compete,” says Christoph Kansy, GREEN LIGNIN project manager at KATZ.
GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip is a natural product. It’s not difficult to count the basic ingredients it’s made from – just wood + starch! The company’s commitment to running an eco-friendly, socially responsible business also extends to the anti-slip coating applied to one side of the product, which contains no mineral oils or any other petrochemical substances, no solvents, and no plasticisers.