The KATZ Group presented its first insulation underlay at Domotex 2014 under the brand name ‘GREEN LIGNIN basic’.
In 2015 it launched a premium version called ‘GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip’, which is specially designed to be compatible with modern floating vinyl and designer flooring up to 5 mm thick.
Now the 2016 trade fair season has played host to the launch of yet another innovation – GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec.

As well as offering outstanding acoustic properties which reduce both impact and room sound, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec also boasts innovative water-repellent properties. Combined with the remarkable biopolymer structure of this entirely natural product, this represents a truly ground-breaking development. Made from the same natural ingredients as its predecessors – i.e. wood and starch – its non-polluting, zero-emission credentials mean it’s good for the environment and helps promote healthy living.
What’s more, its unique water-repellent properties not only provide a welcome feeling of reassurance, they also increase the durability of the top layer of flooring. That’s because the unique hydro-tec technology used in GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec shields the upper layer of flooring from temporary intrusions of moisture and damp.

The all-round excellence of this ground-breaking development recently caught the eye of the company LI&CO AG from Müstair, Switzerland, one of the leading producers of cork, designer PVC and linoleum floor coverings.
“We’re constantly striving to tailor our range of products to cater to current and projected market requirements. And that’s why GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is the perfect addition to our product range,” says Edwin Lingg, managing director of LI&CO AG.
“GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is a great choice for anyone looking to create a more comfortable living environment with sustainable products. Just 1.8 mm thick, it offers reductions of up to 20 dB in impact sound under vinyl flooring (22 dB under laminate) plus a 29 percent reduction in room sound. With that level of performance, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec comfortably exceeds the stringent requirements set by the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) and the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association (MMFA),” says Christoph Kansy, GREEN LIGNIN project manager at KATZ.

Since late 2015, LI&CO AG has been successfully using the product in combination with various types of ‘click’ flooring at its site in Müstair, Switzerland. GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec has already been industrially laminated to the upper layer of flooring as an impact sound underlay in various customer orders. As well as its outstanding acoustic properties in the field of impact sound reduction, it has also drawn praise for its high compressive strength of 99 tons per square meter and its water-repellent properties.
A number of customers have expressed their satisfaction with the technical properties of this eco-friendly product, including KWG Wolfgang Gärtner GmbH from Schönau near Heidelberg, Corpet Cork GmbH from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, and Naturo Kork AG from Sursee in Switzerland.
“We have a reputation for top-notch quality to uphold, so we need top-of-the-range materials. GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is an eco-friendly counterpart to our products which offers a great balance of price and performance. Together with our eco-friendly flooring products – such as our PVC-free ECO DESIGN designer flooring, our waterproof HYDRO PRINTCORK cork flooring or our brand-new MICODUR product – it creates the perfect combination for truly sustainable results,” says Lingg.

LI&CO presented its new variants paired with GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec at the Domotex 2016 fair in Hanover in Hall 9, Booth B 58.
“Exhibitions are a great place to launch new products, so we couldn’t miss this opportunity. And it confirmed our feeling that GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is currently one of the most exciting impact sound products on the market, a genuine innovation which offers the perfect mix of price, performance and eco-friendly credentials,” enthuses Lingg.
“We’re delighted to get such positive feedback and are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration with LI&CO AG,” says Kansy.