This eco-friendly room and impact sound insulation underlay does a fantastic job – and it even protects the flooring from moisture thanks to its new water-repellent properties.

The KATZ Group presented its first insulation underlay at Domotex 2014 under the brand name ‘GREEN LIGNIN basic’.
In 2015 it launched a premium version called ‘GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip’, which isspecially designed to be compatible with modern floating vinyl and designer flooring up to 5 mm thick.
And in 2016 visitors to the Domotex fair in Hanover will get the chance to experience the launch of GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec!With its unique surface and special biopolymer core, this remarkable material is a great choice of room and impact sound insulation underlay – and now it even offers protection against moisture thanks to its new water-repellent hydro-tec technology.
We think you’ll agree that a 20 dB reduction in impact sound under vinyl flooring (22 dB under laminate) plus a 29% reduction in room sound are remarkably impressive figures for an underlay that is just 1.8 mm thick!
With this level of performance, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec comfortably exceeds the stringent requirements set by the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) and the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association (MMFA).


After many years of development, KATZ may not be the first company to offer an insulation underlay with water-repellent properties – but it could well be one of the most innovative. At Domotex 2016 KATZ will be presenting the first eco-friendly installation underlay to offer an extra feature in addition to the outstanding acoustic properties which reduce both impact and room sound. The latest enhancement to this natural material are its water-repellent properties which, combined with its remarkable biopolymer structure, represent a truly ground-breaking development.
Just like GREEN LIGNIN basic and GREEN LIGNIN anti-slip, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is the perfect alternative to synthetically manufactured underlay materials. Made from the natural ingredients of wood and starch, its non-polluting, zero-emission credentials mean it’s good for the environment and helps promote healthy living.
What’s more, its unique water-repellent properties not only give you a welcome feeling of reassurance, they also increase the durability of your flooring. That’s because the unique hydro-tec technology used in GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec shields the top layer of flooring from temporary intrusions of moisture and damp.


Available in sheet formats and industrial reels, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec can be installed as a floating floor directly under laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl and designer flooring. It can also be industrially laminated.
Offering a reduction of up to 20 dB in impact sound under vinyl flooring (22 dB under laminate) plus a 29% reduction in room sound, this product enhances the acoustics in your living environment to make life more comfortable. At the same time, it helps improve relations with your neighbours by reducing the level of noise transmitted to the room below.
And don’t forget that with a compressive strength of 99 tons per square meter, GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec is a great choice for fold-down click systems (G5).
GREEN LIGNIN hydro-tec offers a whole host of other benefits, too, including good thermal conductivity – making it the perfect choice to use with underfloor heating systems – as well as user-friendly installation and the ability to compensate for minor irregularities in underlying surfaces.


When you buy GREEN LIGNIN products, you’re choosing an eco-friendly option made to rigorous German standards of quality. Our main headquarters in the Black Forest covers all aspects of the value chain, and our manufacturing processes are based firmly on the principles of sustainability.
But our products fulfil more than just our own demanding quality standards. All GREEN LIGNIN products are inspected by independent bodies and testing institutes and have been approved as a building material by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt). This approval means that GREEN LIGNIN products have successfully passed emissions and fire tests and do not contain any toxic or harmful substances.
Yet more proof that GREEN LIGNIN products are quite simply a good, healthy choice!